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Herein you will find essays composed to those new and experienced to the crafts of Dark Age of Camelot, from EA Mythic. I have tried to update these to the Laberinth of the Minotaur, Darkness Rising, Catacombs, and Trials of Atlantis updates, but as the warning reads, the game is subject to change without notice.

Click to help support ongoing development of this research, and the kscraft project, Kort's Spellcraft Calculator! This is free, user supported software.

New Armor Bonuses Cheat Sheet

On the mysteries of those bonues which can be obtained from the finest level 51 crafted armors, it also lists their decoration and choices for caps.

New Sheild Bonuses Cheat Sheet

Revealing the additional utility offered on the finest level 51 crafted shields, introduced in 1.87.

New Harp Bonuses Cheat Sheet

The newest craftable instrument, the harp, works as any instrument (just as a Champion or Phobeus Harp). Although basic harps may be crafted to level 26, 31, 36, 41, 46 or 51, this chart conveys the added benefits of the finest level 51 harps.

Other 1.87 Crafting Spellcrafting Changes

Item quality no longer affects imbue value. If using the old Kort's Calculator, set the quality of all newly crafted items to 100 (masterpiece) quality. For overcharges, it is a good idea to embue three gems that have no overcharge, and apply the fourth (preferably lowest cost) gem in a second application. Items and previously embued bonuses, charges, and procs will no longer be lost, only the gems you are adding (and your life) explode with a failure.

Spellcrafting Cheat Sheet

These are composed for the scholar or student of the art of Spellcrafting items in dark age of camelot, and not oriented twords the user / customer. Here the apprentice or sage alike will find hints about the craft and tables of Gems, embuing and costs.

Darkness Falls Salvage Value Cheat Sheet

These items in DF appear to offer the best value to the crafter who wishes to obtain raw materials for their craft. Many items seem to have changed-by-one recently, so help in verifying the list is welcomed.

Crafting Quality Rantings, Ravings and Reality

This opus was composed for the poor crafter daunted by the task of crafting a 99 quality or Masterpiece for a client, and for the customers who might ask for such a thing. Although the specifics have changed in 1.87, and an item's quality has much less impact now on the ability to spellcraft it, the math is still useful, and someday will be refreshed.

You may declare yourself of Albion, Hibernia, or Midgard (and hide results for other realms), or declare yourself of the United Realms (and hide nothing).

Kort's Spellcraft Calculator - 2.01 everything and more!

June 24th 2007

You can find the latest calculator from the main project page, or just follow the link below

Please notice that there is one .msi for the installer and that's the only file you need if you only plan to use the program. However if you are a coder, we do encourage you to grab the source code, and perhaps join us in improving the program (see below).

The new version is very very different from the old spellcraft calculator. You can add more than one or two items to a template by choosing Edit -> New Item, you can rename the item by replacing it's name in the upper right corner (change the name, for example from Crafted Item1 to Dragonsworn Mauler Staff or from Drop Item5 to Orion's Belt), and you can switch between items in the current outfit by choosing the drop-down button next to the item name. And you can name your outfit by changing the Outfit1 name to something like Melee Outfit, and then choose Edit -> New Outfit to add a second outfit. When you use the drop-down button next to the outfit name, you switch all your selected gear from one to the other. We know several hybrid classes and Necromacers will be especially pleased!

For crafted items, the LAST slot is always for a tincture. To put the extra slots into specialty level 51 armor, choose one of the options from the Edit > Item Type to switch a crafted item from Normal to Enhanced (for the items made with Broken Dragonsworn Armors and Weapons, and Perfected Armor Patterns). You can also choose the legendary weapons and other new bows and staves.

The items have a entire additional page of info! Toggle between them by clicking the Item Info/Item Slots button. These are provided mostly for loading Ethinarg's database items (read on...)

You may want an item database...

kscraft doesn't come with an item database! This is a tool for crafters, first and foremost, and we don't have the time to maintain a database. But thankfully, others do! Look for some great databases here:
Ethinarg's Item database is a wonderful user-supported database, to which he's looking for your help in submitting the items near and dear to your heart. They report 7711 items as of 6-24-2007!

Contact us if you host a database to add to our list.

By registering at ethinarg's site, you can also use his database within the crafting calculator to search and load items online.

If you program, you may want the source code...

The .zip and .tar.gz files are for DOS/Windows and Unix/Mac OS X format, respectively, and contain the same source code, with different line endings. Please don't download both unless you will use them both on both sorts of machines. Grab the x11-mac.tar.gz file if you will be using this on either X11 (such as Linux) or Mac OS X.

Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator project has a home

The new home for creating the kscraft project, now managed by both Kort and I, is The resource pages are at for bug reports, developer discussion, and the source code development in svn.

You can now email me through ehrayn .at., or continue to PM me on vnboards as ehrayn_of_gaheris. But it would be even better if you would post your messages about the calculator to the kscraft kscraft Project Users Forum so your idea or problem doesn't get lost.

Kort and I would love to see you on the forum offering patches to modify the program, suggestions for improvements. We are always looking for potential new kscraft team members, if we find you are regularly contributing.

Is ón cheann a thagann an cheird.